One of the worst feelings is knowing that your girlfriend may be cheating on you. You know, those thoughts cross your mind every time she’s late to date or doesn’t answer her phone. She could be at work, but it feels too coincidental for you not to worry. Well, there are some sure signs that will tell if your girlfriend is being unfaithful and we’re going to lay them out here!


For sure signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you!

The biggest sign that should make you suspicious and alert of your wife or girlfriend’s behavior is when she constantly disappears for hours at a time. When women feel like they are being cheated on, it can become very difficult to trust their partners again which will cause them to be distant from one another as well as other male friends. If she tells you something about having errands to run but then comes home an hour later smelling like expensive perfume and cigarettes with red lipstick all over her cheek, this could mean that she has been seeing someone else during the same timespan since these are also sure signs! Another way men know how to tell if their girlfriend is cheating tracking phone calls made by the woman.

If she suddenly stops calling you as often, or if the calls are shorter than they used to be, this could be a sign that something is going on. If your girlfriend always had a busy lifestyle but has now suddenly become available whenever you need her, this is another sure sign that she might be cheating on you. Finally, if your gut feeling is telling you that something isn’t right in your relationship and all of the other signs seem to back it up, don’t hesitate to confront her about it! You may not want to believe it, but better to find out sooner rather than later.


What are the signs that my girlfriend is cheating on me?

  • If she is acting secretive or distant.
  • If her phone has a password.
  • A text message conversation with an unknown number? Probably another man if does not want to tell you the code for his messages.
  • Her clothes are different than usual.
  • She doesn’t eat as much anymore when you cook dinner together at home. This could also be due to stress in addition to cheating though…so don’t jump too quickly to conclusions!
  • She has gone out of town for the weekend when she is not visiting her family.
  • If you notice that your girlfriend’s personal hygiene habits have changed or if it smells like another man in her house!
  • Do you come home to an empty apartment? Where did she go? She could be cheating…or maybe just with friends, but still worth asking about so don’t jump too quickly to conclusions until you know more information. Do some investigating and ask questions!

These are all good signs that something might be going on behind your back. You deserve honesty from everyone close to you including your significant other, so keep this in mind as well.


How to be sure that she is cheating?

– She may be staying out late when you are not supposed to.

– It can also be that she is trying hard to avoid any questions about her whereabouts during the day, saying things like “nothing special” or “I was home” without even looking at you in the eyes.

– She may start dressing differently, trying to impress someone new.

– New perfumes or colognes that she is wearing can be another sign.

– There could also be changes in her behavior and attitude – she might become more secretive, withdrawn, or moody.

– Another thing you should watch out for is if your girlfriend suddenly has a lot of unexplained expenses; like buying new clothes, jewelry or going on trips with friends all the time. This could mean that she’s spending money on someone else.

If you have been noticing some of these signs, then it’s time to confront your girlfriend about cheating on you. If she is guilty, then she will most likely deny everything. However, if she is innocent, then she will be able to provide a reasonable explanation for the changes in her behavior. If you can’t come to a resolution, then it might be time to end the relationship.

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