Simple CRM for Small Businesses


Automatic Email Sync

Connect your email to Lantern and emails are automatically logged to contacts with no extra effort on your part. No need for that BCC nonsense.

Built-in Phone

Business plan users each get a Lantern phone number that can be used through the browser or mobile/landline phone. Voicemails are stored in Lantern and every call over 30 seconds is recorded and logged.


Multiple customized pipelines can be created that can help you keep track of sales, public relations, human resources, or whatever it is you need help managing. With its drag and drop interface, the pipeline is as easy to use as it is practical.

Spreadsheet View

Quickly convert any list of items within Lantern, including contacts, companies, or deals to a spreadsheet for easy batch viewing and editing.


This neat feature allows you to set up emails to be sent in the future. Instead of setting a reminder to email someone, write it now to be automatically sent later. The email will be shown in your upcoming feed and can be dismissed at any time.

Instant Restore

Oops, deleted something you shouldn’t have? Don’t get fired! Instantly restore your recent lack of deleting discretion.


30 Day Free Trial. No Obligation.


  • $9 user/month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Deals
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • 1 List
  • GMail + IMAP Email Sync
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Email Support


  • $19 user/month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Deals
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • 5 Lists
  • Integrates with 250+ Cloud Services
  • + Microsoft Exchange Sync
  • + Group Permissions
  • Email Support


  • $49 user/month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Deals
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Integrates with 250+ Cloud Services
  • + Cloud Based Phone & Logging
  • Priority Email Support


The best CRM is the one you don’t have to use

Customer Relationship Management software isn’t useful if your team is neglecting it. Lantern automatically logs calls, emails, calendar events and more created by your team in their everyday workflow.

View sales productivity on demand

Whether you log in daily or once a month, the Activity Feed is the center of truth, broadcasting the pulse of the business in real time.

Integrates with your existing Apps

No matter what existing tools you use - be it social media, a landing page service, email marketing app or your own customer database - we’ll bring those activities into Lantern, too.

Close more deals

Sales becomes easier when you have good rapport with your customers. Knowing more about them and their history with your company makes building relationships easier.

Save time with automatic email tracking

Lantern organizes your emails and attaches them to the appropriate deal, company, and contact. Popular email clients like Gmail and Outlook are supported through our connection to Google, Microsoft Exchange, and IMAP.

Better Calendar Visibility

Your calendar is the center of how clients are managed. Lantern’s calendar not only syncs your events into our web app, but includes them within the Upcoming Feed.

Quickly assign tasks to coworkers

Task assignments make sure everything is followed up on by the right person.

Visually Manage your Sales Pipeline

Drag and drop deals from stage to stage at a bird’s eye view.

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Manage those recurring tasks with ease

Some items require regular attention. Keep them top of mind by setting a recurring task.


Lantern lives in the cloud allowing us to best serve our customers whether Mac or PC based, additionally distributing new releases and fixes instantly to everyone. Let us be your CRM of choice and move your productivity online.

A phone system for small business

Phone service is tough for organizations of any size, so we provide a Lantern number that forwards to your existing phone. Every call made with your Lantern number is automatically recorded and added to the Activity Feed.

Simple and Easy

Lantern is the easiest sales tool you’ll ever use. Not only does it look fantastic, it’s so intuitive that on-boarding your team will take minutes instead of months.

Personalize for your team

Every business is unique. Configure Lantern for your specific needs. Create an unlimited amount of custom fields, rename our default Deal Stages, enable contact ownership, and more.

Safe and Sound

Lantern utilizes the latest in security technologies to keep your data safe. All servers are behind firewalls and all data is sent and received over SSL encrypted connections.